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Gray dog sitting at an RV dinette with sharpie shiplap walls in the background
Gray dog sitting at an RV dinette with sharpie shiplap walls in the background
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How to Make RV DIY Curtains

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One of the first RV renovations that people want to do is to upgrade their RV window treatments. Take down those dusty, dated fabric valences and install your own trendy roll up curtains. Here we explain how to make RV DIY curtains.

How to Make DIY RV Curtains

Follow these easy step-by-step instructions to make your own roll-up curtains! The average cost per curtain comes out to just $15. That’s a huge saving for your RV renovation, plus they are lightweight and fashionable.

Find the Dimensions for Your DIY Curtains

Before you get too carried away, here are some tips for finding the proper dimensions for your new roll-up curtains.

Curtain Panel

  1. Measure the RV window width and height from the outside of the trim
  2. Cut the material to size
    • Width: Window width + 4″
    • Height: Window height + 7″
  3. Sewed material
    • Width: Window width + 2″
    • Height: Window height + 5″Sewed material


  1. Cut the strap material 9″ long
  2. Fold each end over 1″ with a lobster clasp and D-ring


  1. Cut the dowel 4″ longer than the sewed material width



Measure your RV windows

First step in this process is to measure your windows.

Add 4″ to the width and 7″ to the height and cut the fabric with an Exacto knife.

Be sure to use a straight edge and make sure the material is square.

Cutting the fabric for the DIY RV curtains

Fold the fabric

Starting with the sides, fold the fabric over 1″ and iron float.

Close-up view of the corner of the fabric being folded

Sew the curtains

Sew each of the sides with the zig-zag stitch.

Foot of the sewing machine sewing the curtain seams

Sew the edges

Fold over the top and bottom edges over 1″ and sew with the zig-zag stitch.

Tip: Make sure all the seams are folded and sewn from the same side.

Close-up view of the folded seam

Cut the strap material

Cut the strap material with scissors or an Exacto knife to 9″.

View of the strap material, ruler, and scissors

Create the straps

Using a fabric tape, measure in at 1/4″ and 2 3/4″ on each end of the strap and make a small mark with a pen in the center.

Then, using the leather punch tool, punch holes at each one of your marks. Slide a D ring on one end and the lobster clasp on the other end. Fold over the leather, insert a rivet, and use the rivet setting tool to close the rivet.

Leather punch tool creating a hole
Lobster clasp
Riveting the lobster clasp in place
Finished strap for the curtain roll-up

Alternative method for the curtain straps

If your leather strap is thin enough, you can opt to sew it instead of using the rivets.

Add a D ring to one side and fold over 1″. Sew the material with a straight stitch. Repeat on the other side with the lobster clasp.

Be sure to go as slow as possible for the needle to penetrate both layers of leather.

NOTE: If your sewing machine won’t puncture through the leather, soak it in water to soften up the leather. You can also use the handwheel on your sewing machine to manually create the stitch.

Measuring the leather
Using a sewing machine to sew the leather strap
Final view of the leather strap

Cut & install the dowels

Cut your dowels to size. Make sure the dowel is 4″ larger than the sewn material.

Insert the dowel into the curtain panel.

Next, measure over 4″ from the end of the fabric and hot glue the strap to the wooden dowel inside the curtain panel.

Hot gluing the leather strap to the dowel
Hot gluing the fabric inside the curtain panel

Connect 2 dowels for long RV windows

If you have a camper window that is larger than 48″, use the headless screws to join two dowels:

  1. Pre-drill a hole slightly smaller than the size of the headless screw
  2. Add wood glue on both ends
  3. Insert the screw
  4. Attach the two ends
pre-drill a hole in the dowel
Add wood glue to the dowel sections
Screw Dowels for Curtains
Finished extended dowel

Install the roll-up curtains

Place the 1/2″ tube straps on the dowel and measure up 4″ from the top of your window.

Use 1″ screws to attach the tube straps to the RV wall.

RV kitchen with the DIY RV curtains installed and rolled-up
RV kitchen with the DIY RV curtains installed and rolled down

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