How to Paint RV Walls

RV Renovation

Looking to paint your RV, but don’t know where to start? Below I’ve outlined all the steps on how to paint your RV walls successfully. Also, check out my expense report to see how much it cost me to paint a 30′ trailer. The total includes paint for the walls and cabinets.

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Shopping List

  • Primer
  • Eggshell or Satin Paint



Remove any blinds, valances, or other items screwed to the walls. It’s easier to paint without having to cut around items on the walls. Also, be sure to remove any wallpaper borders. To remove the wallpaper borders, use a hair dryer and heat up the border for easy removal. Use acetone to remove any remaining adhesive.


Degrease. Use a good degreaser and wipe down all the walls. You want to remove any oily residue to ensure proper paint adhesion.


Patch any holes with wood filler that you would like to hide. Once the wood filler is dry, sand smooth with 220 grit sand paper.

How to paint camper walls

Caulk. If you have any small gaps along the ceiling and walls, use a little caulk the fill the space. Wipe any excess off. Make sure you use a paintable caulk.


Prime. Use a good primer like Gripper, which can be found at Home Depot or Kilz Adhesion. Do one coat of primer on all the walls that you will be applying color. Wait 24-48 hours before applying your first coat of paint.


Paint. Get a good quality paint. At least an eggshell or satin finish is recommended.  Use a brush to get in the corners of the walls and use a 3/8″ nap rollers to apply the majority of the paint. You could also use a paint spray. I recommend the Graco Magnum paint spray. Let your first coat dry for about 24-48 hours, then apply a second coat in the same manner. Again, wait 24-48 hours and once the second coat is dry. Be sure to lightly sand and wipe down between the coats.

Paint recommendations:

Painting RV walls

Remove any painters tape and put everything back on the walls. Be careful with the freshly painted walls for about 2 weeks. They take awhile to fully cure and have a durable finish.

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